Drifting Infusion


This image is the outcome of an experiment inspired by the diffusion-limited aggregation process.

What happens if particles that are subject to brownian motion, instead of moving in the environment until they reach the object, move inside the object until they reach the environment?

If the particles originate from a fixed source, they simply form layers around it that tend to be circular in 2D or spherical in 3D.

To introduce some variety, in this experiment the source of particles is also made to drift.

When a particle steps beyond the surface of the object and freezes, if its final distance from the source is above a certain threshold, then the source moves one step closer to that particle, before emitting the next one.

In this particular image the source of particles in the 2D image space starts in middle of the left side of the image and the other source of particles in the 3D colour space starts with the colour white.

Destination pixels and colours from the two sources are then matched one by one.

Image Licence: Public Domain (CC0).



Dimensions4,096 × 4,096