First attempt building a true photo WITHOUT USING ANY SOFTWARE ! (excepting text editor like Notepad+)

The main interest of this concept is that the unique colors/pixels of the original photo remain strictly unchanged !

Here are the steps, I hope my english language will be understandable.

STEP 1 :
Choose any photo
Convert it into comprehensive ASCII format
-> PIC1_ASCII.txt
PIC1 (this example) had got about only 2 millions of unique colors
and about 9 millions pixels, so 9M RGB values but NOT unique

STEP 2 :
Search & Replace all duplicates RGB values [xxx,yyy,zzz] by any same string : e.g. "pixels_to_add"
-> PIC2_ASCII.txt
PIC2 has got 2M unique RGB values + 7M distributed strings "pixels_to_add" inside

STEP 3 : (finding pixels to add)
Take PIC1
Search & Delete all duplicates RGB values [xxx,yyy,zzz]
PIC1 has got now 2M unique values
Append it with ALL existing RGB values [000,000,000] to [255,255,255]
-> PIC3_ASCII.txt
PIC3 has got 18,7M values (2M+16,7M)
Search & Delete all duplicates RGB values [xxx,yyy,zzz]
PIC3 has got now 16,7M values (2M unchanged unique + 14,7M unique)
Delete 2M first values
-> PIC3_ASCII.txt
PIC3 has got now 14,7M unique values

STEP 4 :
Take PIC2
Search & Replace incrementially the strings "pixels_to_add" by the PIC3 list


The last STEP should be : try to replace the RGB values as near as possible than the original values, but I don't have enough RAM memory in order to do it :-(
So I had to use random values, so not pretty, so attempt not finished (beta)

The more unique colors there are into the original photo, better the result will be !


27 entries


Dimensions4,096 × 4,096