Recursive Stripes


Inspired by entries such as Recursive Squares and Iterative, this entry differs in that it starts with a base pattern with all the 6-bit colors arranged into 8 groupings, based on which 3-bit color they are closest to. These groupings are then sorted within their 8 columns so that a given color falls into the row closest to the same order of 3-bit colors, except transposed.

This image was created by iteratively overlaying the 8x8 blackest corner over an 8:1 scale and 4x multiplied value version of itself. In total, there are 3 levels of nesting.

Fun fact: With just this method alone of arranging the 6-bit color set in any order into a square and overlaying it on itself iteratively, there are 64! (~1.2688693e+89) possible entries. To put that in perspective, it is estimated that there are around 1.0e+80 atoms in the observable universe.

Image Licence: Public Domain (CC0).



Dimensions4,096 × 4,096