Color wheel v2


A second attempt to distribute colors as close to a square color wheel as possible.

General algorithm: for each band/square of untouched pixels expanding out from the center, choose pixels to place in that square based on the following:

  • Brightest colors get priority
  • An even distribution of hues are selected within a brightness
  • An even distribution of saturations are selected within a hue, although higher saturations get priority for being in the "center" of a hue section
  • Order the hues ascending from 0-6 (magenta = 0, red = 1, green = 3, etc.)
  • Insert monochrome colors where applicable, trying to minimizes how far it shifts each hue away from its "ideal" location (magenta at top, red 60 degrees left, green at bottom, etc.)
  • Rotate the list where applicable to get hues close to their "ideal" location
  • Place hues next to each other in order around that band of pixels

You can see prominent rays from the center towards the 6 primary hues (and between them) where desaturated versions of the colors border them


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Dimensions4,096 × 4,096